Steel Dangerous [CD + Digital]

  • Steel Dangerous [CD + Digital]

Steel Dangerous [CD + Digital]

Steel Dangerous
Steel Dangerous
[H&S Ranch Records]

release date: 2/22/2022

sealed 4-panel digipak with full color CD and homemade obi strip
edition of 100 copies

preorder ships February 22, 2022

Good morning, Kent, Ohio, you're turned up and tuned out to DANGEROUS RADIO, your wayward station for observation, rumination, and fantastication. It's a Cadillac of a day when Steel Dangerous blasters a thousand points of airglow against the border of the ordinary and the unusual. Look at how one bead skids away, another bead toward. Co-hosts Doug Gent and Doug Gent overlap and orbit around their lazy-eight loopers of hard harry shop talk - hyperlocal to chaosmic - as the genever juice gurgles in the déjà vu cooler; one Doug holds the match with casual ceremony, the other Doug sticks his head in the cannon, his feet curling out like shrimp cocktail. In this post-Pontypool world of leisure and self-reflection, what you see is what you Gent, and what you Gent is everything: Sports. "It's not a water polo ball, it's a regular ol' golf ball, my man." Weather. "Misty? Check. Moisty? Check." Logistics. "Who does count the money under the bar?"

In the crabwise stagger and lunatic swagger of the electrogenic Moth Cock (Hausu Mountain, Unifactor Tapes, FairChild Tapes), Gent's duo with cut-up-and-stretch-out electronicist and trumpeter Pat Modugno (Khaki Blazer), Gent has proven himself one of the finest saxophonists and clarinetists of today. Here, he proves himself a riveting raconteur, an uncommon commentator, and a gracious host. Forecast calls for a broadcast slush of lucid to fuzzyheaded crosstalk, externalized inner banter scattered over winding crosswalks of thoughts while evenflows of dizzy Jupiter synth squibs and thyroxine tape loops with Grace Slick and Eddie Money gust crosswinds through tangles of mandala hairball cords adrift in the season of a major hoopla revival (one-man show, one show only). Sitting on the floodplain gathering wool. Waiting for the goatskin, burying the dread.

This episode of Steel Dangerous was mastered by agave expressionist and experimental musician Jack Callahan (co-founder of FLEA, Nina Market).

Dangerous Testimonials

”Mr. Dangerous is the ultimate party meister and the king of party tuneage!"

"The Dougs are real people and not just another radio personality, like most."

"I go to bed listening to Doug. I wake up listening to Doug. Whether it's Moth Cock or Steel Dangerous, I've grown up listening to Doug and I wouldn't have it any other way."

"I don't know where one Doug ends and one Doug begins, and I don't see myself sorting this out anytime soon."

“Doug's show is fun, informative, educational, etc. But what tops all these is how much he seems to enjoy himself. His love and passion really shines during the program. It is almost infectious!!”

“Love the hazy no-holds-barred approach. Doug is the real deal and a great example to all of us. Can I make a suggestion, though? MOVE TO SOUTH TEXAS!!!!”

“I often travel to the Tree city and I count on the Steel for the best information on what to think and what is happening in my second home – Kent, Ohio.”

"This isn't just radio, this is life."

"Gent proves himself to be a riveting raconteur, an uncommon commentator, and a gracious host."

"The Wolfman Jack for our generation."

"There's a lot of chatter regarding Gent's skills as a reed player and a talker, but I believe his synth work is often overlooked, not to mention as indispensable as his blowing and his banter. The often disorienting current of synth that runs through this often disorienting album ain't just bumper music, it's baked in!"


1. Cadillac of a Day
2. Ballad of Xander Schauffele
3. Single Ticket to Paradise
4. Ebar
5. Knee Deep in the Hoopla

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